Signature Memorials

Balloon Releases are one example of Personalized Memorial Services


Below are just some of the ways Geib Funeral Home & Crematory offers to remember your loved one. See all our personalization options, or call us to discuss how Geib can make each funeral one-of-a-kind.


Video Tribute

We create a DVD tribute to your loved one using photos you provide to fashion into a chronology of their life. All photos are required 48 hours prior to start of the public event.


Memory Collage Boards

Tell the story of a life well lived through photographs. We will provide you with large foam boards for you to create a collage of the life of your loved one to display at visitation and the service. Following the service, you may keep the boards if you like.


Video Recording of Funeral/Memorial Services

Families can opt to have a video recording using digital technology to transmit the sounds and images of the ceremony onto the most modern and current mode or record.


Candle Lighting Ceremony

Passing light from one central candle represents the eternal passing of life from one generation to the next. A candle lighting ceremony can be held in the funeral home or anywhere the service takes places.


Balloon Release (weather permitting)

The rising balloons remind us that though we go to the grave to commit mortal remains to the ground, our spirits soar to the heavens.


Legacy Touch Keepsakes

An original thumbprint is cast into a pendant, tie tack or cufflinks and is available in sterling silver or 14-carat gold. Consult Robin Mackey in our Dover office for a specific quote. There is no better way to capture the memory of a person who touched your life.


Memorial Candles

A one-of-a-kind memorial candle is our gift to you for allowing our family to serve your family. Orders for additional candles may be placed with our office staff for next day pickup.


Temporary Grave Marker

Often families wish to have a marker placed prior to having a more permanent memorial set. We are able to provide a marker that includes the name, year of birth and death, and a religious or veteran symbol.