Hospice Heroes

Do you know a Hospice Hero?

Do you know a hospice staff member or volunteer who has gone above and beyond? Please tell us about them and share their story with us.


Hospice Heroes - Tuscarawas CountyA group of area businesses have partnered together to honor those who have put others before self. Collectively, we recognize the importance of those on hospice teams and understand their work is a calling; one in which the ultimate outcome brings sorrow.

With the advent of Hospice Heroes, these area businesses wish to recognize those who truly go above and beyond and make a difference to an individual or a family. Monthly, a team from these businesses will select a Hospice Hero to be recognized for their efforts and each will be rewarded with special gifts.

Annually, those special monthly Heroes will gather during a recognition dinner and the Hospice Hero of the Year will be announced and presented with a very special recognition.

These Hospice Heroes can be anyone from volunteers to nurses to administrators, we want you to tell us who deserves to be recognized for their care, compassion, and work with their local Hospice Organization.

Share their story with us today!